Hearing Aids in Adelaide

The team at Hearing SA are committed to providing a professional and enjoyable experience for clients who are looking for hearing aids in Adelaide. We have a range of affordable options that ensure we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Come in today to see what our services have to offer to meet your needs of hearing aids.

Who are our Adelaide Hearing Aid Specialists?

Christy has a Masters in Audiology and has over 10 years of clinical experience as a Hearing Aid Specialist. She is passionate about helping people to hear their friends and families, especially in challenging environments. Her first degree was in IT, so she is passionate about using the latest technology to help people hear their friends and families, especially in challenging environments.
Laura also has a Masters in Audiology and is a Hearing Aid Specialist with a special interest in communication strategies and helping people to hear in background noise. She had even designed her own web-app, The Ambient Menu, which helps people to find acoustically friendly restaurants by allowing you to search for local restaurants according to their noise level.

What are the best affordable hearing aids in Adelaide?

Firstly, everyone’s hearing and hearing loss is different, so there is no single ‘best’ hearing aid or even a best hearing aid manufacturer. The different hearing aid models and brands all vary slightly, meaning that different hearing aids are better suited to different types of hearing loss. Also, it is important to factor in your budget, as hearing aids also vary greatly in cost. 

All this variation can make picking a hearing aid tricky and is one of the reason’s it is so important to have a trusting relationship with your Adelaide Audiologist, so together you can choose the best hearing aid for your hearing loss and your budget. However, we have put together some general information on the top-of-the-range hearing aids from the four biggest hearing aid manufacturers: 

Adelaide Widex Hearing Aids:

Widex hearing aids are reliable and great value, providing natural sound and excellent speech clarity. The latest Widex Moment hearing aids are one of our best reviewed hearing aids. These hearing aids come with a rechargeable option and are known for their natural sound. 


Hearing Aid Special features:

  • The most exciting feature of the Widex Moment hearing aids are their PureSound Program, which offers the fastest sound processing in the industry and eradicates sound delay artifacts. This allows Widex Moment hearing aids to provide more pure and natural sound. 

  • Industry leading wind noise reduction, ideal for outdoor use.

  • Speech enhancement technology for real time speech understanding.

  • Automatic analysis of environment into 11 specific listening situations to optomise sounds in a variety of situations. 


Adelaide Oticon Hearing Aids:

The new Oticon More hearing aids are touted as best in class, with a particular focus on delivering speech clarity, especially in background noise.

Oticon understands that your brain, not your ears, does the hearing. While your ears capture sound, your brain does the heavy lifting by identifying and locating sounds to allow comprehension and to tune out unimportant noise. 

Hearing Aid Special features:

  • Most excitingly, the Oticon More hearing aids use a new technology called a ‘Deep Neural Network’ which mimics brain function to recognise different sounds in fine detail. The result is a more natural representation of sounds in your environment so you get more from every listening situation.

The deep neural network has been trained with 12 million real life sound scenes and ensures that each sound is delivered with detail and clarity. This makes it easier for your brain to hear the sounds around you. In comparison to the previous generation of hearing aids, Oticon More enables people to hear and understand 15% more of what is being said.

  • Oticon More are rechargeable devices, with up to 16 hours charge. 

  • Tinnitus is often easier to manage when wearing Oticon More hearing aids, as natural sounds can mask the tinnitus.

  • The Oticon App allows changes to volume, programs and connectivity with new smart phones.


Adelaide Unitron Hearing Aids:

Unitron Blu are the latest hearing aids from Unitron, providing world-class quality and excellent value – perfect for people with a smaller budget! These hearing aids are available as a rechargeable option and are compatible iPhone and Android, allowing easy hands-free streaming of all audio media (phone calls, music, podcasts, etc.). 


Hearing Aid Special features:

  • Enhanced Speech Performance & Soft Speech Lift.

  • Auto Focus 360, for speech understanding from all directions.

  • Spatial Awareness, so you can interpret when sound is coming from.

  • Dynamic Noise Reduction, improves the signal to noise ratio in noisy environments.

  • Double Tap that allows the devices to answer the phone with a double tap to the device.


Adelaide Phonak Hearing Aids:

Phonak is known in the industry as the premium manufacturer of hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss. 

The latest hearing aids are the Phonak Paradise model, which are in the ear devices that come with either traditional disposable zinc air batteries or with the new lithium ion rechargeable batteries. The Phonak Paradise hearing aids are compatible with iPhone, android, or other Bluetooth enabled devices to allow hands-free streaming of phone calls, music, or any audio directly to the hearing aids in both ears.

Hearing Aids Special features:

  • Speech Enhancer which improves speech in quiet situations.

  • Feedback Threshold Overtuning which provides access to gain in the high frequencies.

  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation improves the signal to noise ratio in noisy environments.

  • Double Tap that allows the devices to answer the phone with a double tap to the device.

  • A new myPhonak 4.0 app.