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As part of Dr. Cliff's network, we are verified and committed to follow Best Practices in audiology, ensuring the best interests of those with hearing loss. This means that at Hearing SA, we use comprehensive tools like RealEar measurements to enhance patient care. Being in the HearingUp Network signifies our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in hearing healthcare. For more information on what being a HearingUp provider means, see:

Our Values

Hearing SA is a local and independent audiology clinic. This means we can give you the best prices and the largest range of products, as we are not tied to any large manufacturers. We care about you, and our no sales pressure policy means you can be confident you are receiving honest advice.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to all our patients as we prioritise building trusting relationships to navigate the hurdles of hearing loss. There is no one size fits all with hearing loss, and so our solutions are highly personalised to each individual patient. As a family business, we are driven by a deep sense of responsibility and take great joy in helping people to reconnect with sound in their everyday life. With a mindset for innovation, we are always pursuing the latest and best technology for our patients in order to provide the purest, most vivid sound possible.

Our Audiologists

Small Christy Steel

Christy Akins - Audiologist

BIS, M Ed, M Aud

Christy Akins is a qualified audiologist who graduated from Flinders University with a Masters of Audiology in 2009. She has worked in hearing rehabilitation for several well-known practices and specialises in hearing assessment, tinnitus management, fitting hearing aids and communication strategies. Christy maintains a strong community focus and has travelled to aboriginal communities to provide hearing services to children's in indigenous communities. Her interest is in new hearing technologies and in providing individual rehabilitation that is tailored to the lifestyle of the client.

Alicia Littledyke - Audiologist

BMedSci, MAud

Alicia Littledyke is an experienced audiologist who has been helping people with their hearing for over 12 years. She graduated from Flinders University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Master's in Audiology. Alicia is skilled in hearing tests, fitting hearing aids, removing earwax, and providing specialist hearing devices. She is known for her dedication to new hearing technologies and her commitment to finding the best solutions for her clients. Her careful attention to detail ensures each client gets personalized and compassionate care - we send our family to see her, so you know you and your family are in safe hands!