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Hearing SA Price List July 2022

At Hearing SA we are happy to discuss using any hearing aid manufacturer. 

Below is information and example prices for our three top selling hearing aid brands. 

Why we love Oticon hearing aids

The brand new Oticon Zircon 1 brings sound quality to a whole new level. With Oticon’s proven approach of BrainHearing you can expect surround sound and better speech understanding with less listening effort. For the first time, the Oticon Zircon 1 includes advanced features at a budget price. The Open Sound Navigator, Speech Guard, Feedback Shield, and Speech Rescue will reform and enhance your listening experience. This hearing aid has truly been designed for the best speech understanding possible. Additionally, we love the tinnitus sound support, bluetooth connectivity, and music program.

For more information about the Oticon Zircon 1 and its fantastic features please see our blog post: https://hearingsa.com.au/blog/...

Oticon Zircon

Oticon Zircon 1

from $4000 per pair

The Oticon More uses the technique of BrainHearing which generates a 360 degree sound scape, allowing you to hone in on sounds of interest for a more natural listening approach. Thanks to the Deep Neural Network (DNN) this hearing aid recognises 12 million sounds and uses machine learning to continue improving its sound recognition. For you the DNN means an increase of speech understanding by 15% and an increase in volume by 30% compared to Oticon’s previous hearing aids. The Oticon More also comes with bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Another bonus point is how simple and easy to use the app is to control the hearing aid. If you are not a fan of using an app, the hearing aid also has a button to be controlled by. Overall, at Hearing SA we believe that the Oticon More is Oticon’s most advanced and top of the line product in 2022.

For more information on the Oticon More series, see our Oticon More Factsheet.

    Screenshot 35

    Oticon More 1

    from $7800 per pair (only come as rechargeable)

    Oticon More 1 Review : See Nils Lofgren, guitarist with Bruce Springsteen the E Street Band talk about his new Oticon More 1 hearing aids below:

    Oticon More 3 are the entry level aids of the More family. The have many of the same features as their top of the range sister Oticon More 1, such as bluetooth connectivity to smart phones. 

    For more information on the Oticon More series, see our Oticon More Factsheet

    Screenshot 37

    Oticon More 3

    from $4500 per pair

    Why we love Widex hearing aids

    Widex hearing aids are known for their natural sound and speech clarity. They offer excellent value at all levels of technology. We recommend Widex hearing aids for people who want reliable hearing aids and great value.

    The new Widex Moment hearing aids come with the option of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and the PureSound Program. This program offers the fastest sound processing in the industry and eradicates delay artefacts. PureSound provides more pure and natural sound. People who are new to hearing aids really like the sound of the new Widex Moment hearing aids.

    For more information on Widex Moment hearing aids, see our Widex Moment Factsheet


        Widex Moment

        from $3500 per pair

        Widex Magnify hearing aids stream directly to iPhone and via Com Dex to Android phones. They have the capacity to remember the settlings you like best in certain listening situations (Sound Sense Learn). The Widex magnify also have a reputation for great amplification of music.

        Screenshot 54

        Widex Magnify

        from $1800 per pair

        Why we love Unitron hearing aids

        Unitron Blu hearing aids are a great quality value product, perfect for those with a smaller budget!. They have Bluetooth streaming from both iPhone and Android phones along with a great rechargeable option. These devices are discreet, but more than that, they sound great and have a highly comfortable fit in the ear. 

        For more information, see our Unitron Blu Factsheet


        Unitron Blu

        from $2500 per pair

        Why we love Phonak hearing aids

        Phonak is known as the premium manufacturer of hearing aids for people with a severe to profound hearing loss. 

        The newest Phonak Paradise hearing aids come with traditional zinc air batteries and with the new lithium ion rechargeable batteries. They come in the receiver in the ear style

        These hearing aids are made for both android, iPhone, or other Bluetooth enabled devices to stream any kind of audio directly for hands-free phone calls, video calls, e-books, podcasts and any media streaming to both ears.

        The new features of the Phonak Paradise include:

        • Speech Enhancer which improves speech in quiet situations
        • Feedback Threshold Overtuning which provides access to gain in the high frequencies
        • Dynamic Noise Cancellation improves the signal to noise ration in noisy environments
        • Double Tap that allows the devices to answer the phone with a double-tap to the device
        • A new myPhonak 4.0 app

        For more information of the Phonak Paradise series, see our Phonak Paradise Factsheet.


          Phonak Paradise

          from $3000 per pair

          The Phonak Naida is the go-to hearing aid if you need a super power hearing aid.

          Screen Shot 2019 01 10 At 3 02 17 Pm

          Phonak Naidia

          from $3000 per pair

          The Phonak Marvel hearing aids were the first to stream to Android as well as iPhone. They also offer hands free calling and rechargeable options.

            Screen Shot 2019 01 10 At 3 01 04 Pm

            Phonak Marvel

            from $3000 per pair

            Hearing Aid Accessories:

            Phonak Serenity Choice

            In-the-ear hearing protection which:

            • Cancel noise and loud sound;
            • lets the ear breathe;
            • keeps relevant sound and speech;
            • 4 types of 100% acoustically tested hearing protection.

            Why are we excited about Serenity Choice?

            This line of high-end, in-the-ear hearing protection devices is designed to reduce the impact of noise-induced hearing loss. The 100% acoustically-tested filters cancel noise and block out loud sound, while keeping ears ventilated for comfort and to reduce moisture. The hearing protection devices are made from TPE, medical-grade, hypoallergenic material, which has some antibacterial properties, unlike silicone. Plus, they can be worn multiple times.

            4 different options to suit your lifestyle: