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Hearing SA Price List June 2024

Comparison of hearing aid features:

Unsure of the difference between different levels of hearing aids? Here is a quick summary table that can help you work out which hearing aid will suit your lifestyle best: 

Comparison of hearing aid features
Remember to check out the pricelist for the exact prices of the different levels. 

For more information on the range of features you can expect from hearing aids, see the guide published by the National Acoustic Laboratory: NAL hearing aid features guide

Hearing Aid Brands: 

At Hearing SA we are happy to discuss using any hearing aid manufacturer. 

Below is information and example prices for our three top selling hearing aid brands. 

Why we love Oticon hearing aids

Oticon Intent 

Oticon Intent represents a groundbreaking leap in hearing aid technology, offering individuals unparalleled clarity and customization in their auditory experience. We love Oticon Intent because it's not just a hearing aid; it's a gateway to a world of sound revolutionized by cutting-edge technology. With its groundbreaking 4D user-intent sensors, MoreSound Intelligence 3.0, Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0, and the powerful Sirius platform, Oticon Intent understands not just what you're hearing, but what you want to hear. It protects your auditory sanctuary with features like the SuddenSound Stabilizer and the Wind & Handling Stabilizer while keeping you connected to the future with Bluetooth LE Audio support. Oticon Intent isn't just about hearing; it's about engaging with life fully and embracing the wonders of sound.

Hearing savers oticon intent 3 hearing aid rechargeable clean 97282

Oticon Intent

From $5,400 per pair

Find more information about the Oticon Intent hearing aids at our blog post:

Why we love Signia hearing aids

Signia IX

Signia IX isn't just another hearing aid; it's a game-changer that empowers users to fully engage in conversations and embrace life's moments. Here's why we're head over heels for Signia IX: Real-Time Conversation Enhancemen

Real-Time Conversation Enhancement

Imagine being able to effortlessly follow conversations, even in noisy environments or when not directly facing the speaker. That's the power of Signia IX RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology. By constantly analyzing, augmenting, and adapting to your sound environment, it ensures that you never miss a beat, allowing you to participate fully in every conversation

Tailored Hearing Experience

Whether you opt for the Styletto Charge&Go IX or the Silk Charge&Go IX, Signia IX offers advanced hearing aid technology tailored to your lifestyle and needs. From all-day comfort to discreet design, Signia IX provides a personalized solution for seamless communication.

Own Voice Processing 2.0 (OVP)

Say goodbye to the discomfort of hearing your own voice unnaturally. Signia IX's OVP technology ensures that your voice sounds just right, making it easier for you to participate in conversations and boost your social interaction.

Future-Proof Connectivity

Stay connected with Signia IX's future-proof connectivity options, including Made for iPhone, hands-free calling, ASHA, and Bluetooth connectivity via a streamer. With Signia IX, you're not just getting a hearing aid; you're getting a comprehensive communication solution.

Signia Assistant

As your personal hearing companion, the Signia Assistant fine-tunes your hearing aids in real-time, ensuring they're always optimized for you. Plus, with the Signia app, you can personalize your hearing experience to suit your preferences.

In essence, Signia IX isn't just about hearing better; it's about embracing the power of conversation and fully participating in life's moments. With Signia IX by your side, you can unlock a world of connection, inspiration, and enrichment through meaningful conversations

Pure Charge Go IX rose gold 1000x1000

Signia IX

From $5,400 per pair

Find more information about the Signia IX hearing aids at our blog post:

Why we love Widex hearing aids

Widex Moment Sheer 

The new Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids come with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and the natural-sounding PureSound Program. PureSound offers the fastest sound processing in the industry, meaning there is no audible processing delay, resulting in less echo and tinniness for the wearer.

Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids can connect to the new Widex Sound Assist™ a tabletop speaker, hands-free, and remote control. Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids stream directly from iPhones and compatible Android devices. For some more advanced features, download the Moment App in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. See a video of us using the Moment app.

Widex Moment Sheer 440 hearing aids (top-of-the-range) have:

- An active wind manager, so you can hear speech even when it is windy
- Best in-class music program, for both contemporary and classical music
- Sophisticated speech enhancer for improved speech clarity, especially in social setting


      Widex Moment Sheer

      from $3,500 per pair

      Widex Magnify 

      Widex Magnify hearing aids stream directly to iPhone and via Com Dex to Android phones. They have the capacity to remember the settlings you like best in certain listening situations (Sound Sense Learn). The Widex magnify also have a reputation for great amplification of music.

      Screenshot 54

      Widex Magnify

      from $1,600 per pair

      Why we love Unitron hearing aids

      Unitron Vivante 

      Introducing the new Unitron Vivante hearing aids: exceptional sound quality, minimal background noise, and active conversation participation. With a comfortable design, user-friendly features, and a fantastic new charger, Vivante provides an excellent hearing experience. 

      Features include:

      • Convenient up/down volume control on each ear ensures control even with one aid.
      • Top models include a dynamic car program for enhanced speech comprehension while traveling. 
      • Personalize your experience with the updated Remote Plus app. 
      • Compatible with all phones for seamless streaming. 
      • Connect to a Roger Device for assistance in challenging listening situations.

      For more information, see our blog on the Unitron Vivante hearing aids: 

      Unitron Moxi V 312 Sand Pair 1

      Unitron Vivante

      from $5,400 per pair

      Why we love Phonak hearing aids

      Phonak Lumity 

      Phonak is known as the premium manufacturer of hearing aids for people with a severe to profound hearing loss. 

      The latest Phonak Lumity brings light back into your life through superior speech technology. It is one of the newest hearing aids on the market, launched in Australia on the 5th of September 2022.

      The new features of the Phonak Lumity include:

      • Phonak’s SmartSpeech Technology, to give you the best speech understanding in every listening environment.
      • made for all phones (android, iPhone, or other Bluetooth enabled devices) to stream any kind of audio directly for hands-free phone calls, video calls, e-books, podcasts and any media streaming to both ears.
      • the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid.
      • the world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker. It can seamlessly combine comfort and hearing performance in challenging situations and has a better sound quality in quiet.
      • Rechargeable hearing aids that only take 3 hours to charge to a 100%, offering 16 hours of usage on a single charge which includes 8hrs of everyday listening, 4hrs of bluetooth streaming, and 4hrs of TV streaming

      For more information of the Phonak Lumity series, see our Phonak Lumity Blog Post.


        Phonak Lumity

        from $3,500 per pair

        Hearing Aid Accessories:

        Phonak Serenity Choice

        In-the-ear hearing protection which:

        • Cancel noise and loud sound;
        • lets the ear breathe;
        • keeps relevant sound and speech;
        • 4 types of 100% acoustically tested hearing protection.

        Why are we excited about Serenity Choice?

        This line of high-end, in-the-ear hearing protection devices is designed to reduce the impact of noise-induced hearing loss. The 100% acoustically-tested filters cancel noise and block out loud sound, while keeping ears ventilated for comfort and to reduce moisture. The hearing protection devices are made from TPE, medical-grade, hypoallergenic material, which has some antibacterial properties, unlike silicone. Plus, they can be worn multiple times.

        4 different options to suit your lifestyle: