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At Hearing SA we are happy to discuss using any hearing aid manufacturer. 

Below is information and example prices for our three top selling hearing aid brands. 

Why we love Oticon hearing aids

The Oticon OPN 1 was released in 2016 and since then it has been touted as the best hearing aid on the market. If you want to be able to hear clearly in noisy situations and will only settle for the best top of the range hearing aid we would recommend Oticon OPN 1.

    Oticon OPN 1

    from $4000 per ear

    Oticon OPN 3 are the entry level aids of the OPN family. The have many of the same features as their top of the range sister OPN 1, such as bluetooth connectivity to smart phones. 

    Oticon OPN 3

    from $2300 per ear

    Why we love Phonak hearing aids

    Phonak is known as the premium manufacturer of hearing aids for people with a severe to profound hearing loss. The Phonak Naida is the go-to hearing aid if you need a super power hearing aid.

    Phonak Nadia

    from $1500 per ear

    In October 2018 Phonak released the new Marvel hearing aids. The Phonak Marvel hearing aids are the first to stream to Android as well as iPhone. They also offer hands free calling and rechargeable options.

      Phonak Marvel

      from $1500 per ear

      Why we love Widex hearing aids

      Widex hearing aids are known for their natural sound and speech clarity. They offer excellent value at all levels of technology. The latest Widex Evoke hearing aids stream directly to iPhone and via Com Dex to Android phones. They have the capacity to remember the settlings you like best in certain listening situations (Sound Sense Learn). They also have a rechargeable option. We recommend Widex hearing aids for people who want reliable hearing aids and great value

          Widex Evoke

          from $2000 per ear

          Widex Unique hearing aids provide essential technology at a great value price. They are reliable and focussed on enhancing speech in every day situations. 

          Widex Unique

          from $950 per ear