There are many hearing aid accessories that make every day activities easier!

See the full range below:

Phonak Roger On:

Do you struggle to hear and understand speech in challenging listening situations, such as in loud noise and over distance, even when wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants? Sometimes just a hearing aid may not be enough to get you the speech understanding you need. This is where the Phonak Roger On comes in.

Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance. The name Roger was chosen for this assistive listening device because in the radio world this means ‘message received and understood’. And that’s exactly what it helps you to do!

Phonak TV Connector:

Do you struggle hearing the TV even with your hearing aids in? Well struggle no more! Today we introduce the Phonak TV Connector. This handy little device is compatible with Paradise, Marvel, and Audeo hearing aids. So how does it improve your listening experience?

Widex TV Play

We’ve all had fights over the remote control. You want the TV up loud to hear clearly but your partner is saying it's uncomfortable and needs to be turned down. So who gets to win? Well with the Widex TV Play…both of you! The Widex TV play allows you to stream TV sound directly into your hearing aids so you can change the volume via your Widex app without affecting the TV volume for everyone else!