In 2012 I realised I was suffering hearing loss and selected an independent audiologist who subsequently moved to a location no longer convenient to me. I wanted to identify a new independent audiologist closer to where I live, so in 2019 I selected Hearing SA as my new audiologist. I have been extremely satisfied with the professional and caring service provided by Christy and team to help me select appropriate hearing aids I could afford. Due to my satisfaction with Hearing SA my 94yr old mother-in-law has selected them as her audiologist. Thank you Christy and team.

Stephen from Fullarton

I have been perfectly happy with the friendly, prompt service and advice that I have received from Hearing SA. My Oticon aids that talk to me through my hearing aids are great. I love the charging system that dispenses with batteries. I hope they never wear out, but if they do I would be coming to you for advice.

Eddy from Unley

I wish to acknowledge the friendly, reliable service that Christy supplies.There is no hassle and no obligation but after a session or two you want to get your hearing aids from her. I can certainly recommend her service.

Michael from Pasadena

Having hearing aids has improved my life immensely, I don’t feel isolated anymore and can pick up conversations. It’s lovely to hear my nieces when they visit.

Peter from Parkside

Great service. Very helpful. Better hearing with hearing aid. Great follow up, kind, not pushy.

Janine from Belair

Really kind and thoughtful service. Not at all pushy. Got a good result and now hear more and set volumes lower.

John from Bellevue Heights