What should I expect from my hearing appointment?

The following is a step by step list of all the services you should expect from a hearing assessment, regardless of the provider:

Free 15 minute Hearing Screen

Almost all providers have an initial free hearing screen that involves a brief hearing test to establish if you need further hearing services. However, it is important to know that although the preliminary screen should be free, additional services such as a letter to your GP or workplace may have an associated cost. Your provider should be transparent with additional pricing, but make sure you are not pressured into paying extra for services you don’t need!

Full Diagnostic Assessment

At Hearing SA we charge $75 for a comprehensive hearing assessment (note that clients under the Government Hearing Services Program do not need pay this fee). The following services are included:

  • Otoscopy – look in the ears
  • Tympanometry – testing middle ear function
  • Pure tone audiometry – hearing test under headphones
  • Speech discrimination testing – test to determine how clearly you can hear speech with different levels of amplification
  • Letter to GP or workplace if necessary

Find out if you are eligible for free services under the Government Hearing Services Program:

What To Expect

Do I Need Hearing Aids?

At the end of your full hearing assessment, you should review your results with your provider. If your provider recommends hearing aids, make sure they give logical reasons and explain your hearing loss. If you are concerned or feeling pressured by your provider, request an audiogram and discuss the results with your GP or a trusted family member. However, if you feel confident in your providers honest opinion and feel that you would benefit from aids, proceed to discussing which aids suit your hearing loss and financial budget.

At Hearing SA, we will offer you all the options with transparent pricing and support you to make a decision that suits your hearing loss and your budget. Most importantly, we will give you honest advice on whether you would actually benefit from hearing aids. Regardless whether you decide to invest in hearing aids, we will provide ongoing support to ensure your hearing health is the best it can be.