At Hearing SA we take the privacy of our patients very seriously. Below is an overview of our Privacy Policy, so you can feel confident that your information is in safe hands:

Hearing SA Client Records Privacy Policy:

Client Details

Client details and appointment details will be entered in our database.

A client's audiological test results and hearing aid fitting data will be entered into Noah. 

If there are two clients with the same name, we need to distinguish between them by getting a middle name or other identifier such as date of birth.  

Client Confidentially

Hearing SA will not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason.

Hearing SA aims to be a paperless office. Data Security on the computer systems will be maintained by password protection set up for each staff member. Laptops will have current anti-virus software installed.

HSP Client Information

Refer to the “Privacy and Your Personal Information” Guidelines under the Australian Government Department of Health, Hearing Services Website for further information.

Privacy Act 1988: