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Assistive Listening Devices- Konnekt Videophone & Audeara Headphones

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are personal technologies which can help you or a loved one participate in conversation or listen to media. These can include headphones or headsets which connect to multiple devices or captioning phones to help with long distance communication.

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New Oticon Intent Hearing Aids

Intent is the newest platform of technology from the hearing aid company Oticon. Their new technology aims to help not only your ears, but also your brain, to process sound better. They call this approach BrainHearing, it is unique in its design, and cannot be found in hearing aids from other companies.

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Rediscover Sound with the Widex SMART RIC Hearing Aid

Rediscover the world of sound with the Widex SMART RIC Hearing Aid. Hearing is a fundamental part of our daily experience, from the laughter of loved ones to the melodies of our favorite songs. However, for those facing hearing loss, these sounds can become distant, leading to feelings of isolation. Hearing SA now offer the new Widex SMART RIC hearing aid, so you can hear the world around you in clarity.

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Signia Silk Charge&Go IX - Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids!

Hearing SA now have Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids - we think you will love these new nearly invisible hearing aids and want to share why!

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DVA provides headphones for your TV!

Are you a DVA cardholder struggling to catch every word on your favourite TV shows? Well, there's great news for you! You might qualify for an Audeara TV bundle provided by DVA!

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How to connect your hearing aids to your computer/laptop/tablet:

New technology allows you to connect your hearing aids to your computer/laptop/tablet ... but we understand using Bluetooth can be annoying! Here are some easy instructions to follow.

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Can hearing aids improve your brain function?

A recent study from the University of Melbourne has revealed that hearing aids can stabilize cognitive function for at least 3 years for older adults with hearing loss.

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Bugs, ears, and what you need to know!

We heard an odd story this week about a woman who had a cockroach crawl in her ear while camping, but it turns out this isn’t odd at all. The Queensland ear, nose and throat specialist who featured in this story reported that he treats 1 case of bug-in-the-ear every 2 weeks, and even more often during warm weather. Considering the weather has been extra warm recently we wanted to give you some tips in case this happens to you.

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Invisible Hearing Aids

As technology advances hearing aids are getting smaller, but could they really be invisible? Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids are very small hearing aids that sit deeper within the ear canal, and are often unnoticeable. The only external part is the small plastic projection which helps you to remove the hearing aid from the ear. IIC hearing aids are a viable choice for many people with hearing loss ranging from mild-severe, as long as your canal is big enough to fit the technology.

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3 Hearing Aid Myths

When it comes to hearing loss and hearing aids there are many misconceptions in the social space. Let's talk about 3 big ones:

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