In many cases hearing loss is gradual. Some people are not even aware of the problem until it starts having a big impact on their life. 

Below are some different ways you can use to help you work out if you have hearing loss:

Free Online Hearing Screen:

We offer a free online hearing screen which can help you work out if you need to book a full hearing test:

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Still not sure? Here are some common signs that can help you to determine whether you have hearing loss:

  • Needing to turn up the volume of your TV or music louder than other people.
  • Finding it difficult to understand words in group situations.
  • Having trouble hearing in crowded or noisy situations.
  • Having difficulty distinguishing words.
  • Speech and other sounds are muffled.
  • Having difficulty understanding people unless they are facing you.
  • Often needing people to repeat what they are saying, or asking them to speak louder, slower or more clearly.
  • Feeling isolated from conversations.
  • Avoiding certain social situations in which you have trouble hearing.

Book a Full Hearing Assessment:

Importantly, the only real way to know if you have hearing loss is to get a full hearing test with an Audiologist.

So if you are worried about the results from the online hearing screener, or think one or more of the common signs listed above applies to you, it might be a good indication that you are suffering from hearing loss and should seek professional help. To get honest advice on your hearing health, book in to get a full hearing test and see an experienced Audiologist today!

Common Symptoms

Remember, having hearing loss doesn’t always mean that you need a hearing aid. For some people a hearing aid can be life changing, whereas other people benefit from other hearing management strategies. The most important thing is to recognise the problem and take proactive steps to improve your hearing health, regardless of the method. We can help guide you through this process as our no sales pressure policy ensures you get honest advice. You are not just a customer - we really care about your hearing. 

You are not just a customer - We really care about your hearing.