When it comes to hearing loss and hearing aids there are many misconceptions in the social space. Let's talk about 3 big ones:

1. They are bulky, uncomfortable and oh so noticeable.

This is a particularly dated notion as todays behind the ear hearing aids are sleek, discreet and light as a feather. If you’re looking for something even smaller, in-the-ear hearing aids are nearly invisible.

2. Hearing aids won’t stop my hearing from getting worse.

By wearing hearing aids you keep your ears and brain stimulated. Without the auditory stimulation that hearing aids can provide, the brain can “forget” sounds and lose the ability to process them. This can result in hearing deteriorating faster than it should.

3. Hearing aids make sound seem robotic.

Hearing aids have come a long way over recent years and are constantly improving and adapting. With new technology modern hearing aids can produce sound which feels natural, they can adapt to background noise and can be programmed for your individual needs. Hearing aids today can even recognise when you are in a quiet library or if you walk into a loud cafe and adapt to each environment.

Don't let these misconceptions stand in the way of hearing all the wonderful sounds life has to offer. It's always a good time to get a check, call us at (08) 8272 6621 to book your appointment with Hearing SA today.