Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are personal technologies which can help you or a loved one participate in conversation or listen to media. These can include headphones or headsets which connect to multiple devices or captioning phones to help with long distance communication.

Captioned video call with doctor

Konnekt Videophone

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It’s like making a video call with subtitles. You have the ability to listen to your loved one, see their face, watch their gestures, lip read and use fast and accurate captioning. They also provide extra volume, extra large text, big buttons and you can save contacts to the homescreen.

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Audeara A-02 Bluetooth headphones

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Audeara Headphones can connect to TV, phones, tablets or computers. This enables you to listen to music, your family, and so much more. With this technology, noise cancellation and frequency compensation is also available.


Konnekt offers both captioning phones and Audeara headphones, and the best part...there are multiple programs that provide funding for these devices. Below we have included the details of eight programs that offer funding for these devices.

Technology like this has the ability to greatly improve communication and quality of life for individuals with hearing loss. If you think it could help you or someone you love, check out the

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