When your hearing aids are with you all day long, they almost become another part of your body! Just like our bodies, we need to take good care of them so they can function to their fullest potential.

The longevity and quality of your hearing aids depends on how well they are cared for. So let’s take a closer look at some cleaning and care tips which will ensure that your hearing aids are doing what they are supposed to do!

General tips:

  • Giving your hearing aids a wipe with a dry cloth or tissue before you go to bed is a simple step which will prevent the build-up of debris.

  • Gently wipe your hearing aids weekly with an alcohol wipe. You can pick these up from your local chemist.

  • Keep your hearing aids dry - remove them before you go in the shower or if it is raining. If they do get wet, remove the moisture with a dry cloth or tissue as soon as possible to avoid further damage!

Maintaining good habits will also increase the longevity of your hearing aids! Some key habits include;

  • Washing your hands before handling/cleaning your hearing aids

  • Using personal products before putting your hearing aids in.
    • Some examples are: hair spray or other hair products, face creams, sunscreen, and perfume. This will reduce your hearing aids exposure to harsh chemicals.

  • Before you go to sleep, take out your hearing aids and open the battery doors.
    • Not only will this reduce battery usage but it will also allow for any moisture to escape! This isn’t relevant for rechargeable hearing aids.

Keeping your hearing aids clean will ensure that you use less wax guards and domes! Generally, wax guards should be changed every season, and domes should be changed twice a year.

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