Hearing aids not sounding as clear as they should? Hearing aids still not working even when fully charged or with a fresh battery? Here are some quick trouble shooting tips to get your hearing aids working again!

At Hearing SA, we have noticed that we have been getting a lot of patients dropping into our clinic in Unley Shopping Centre needing help because their hearing aids aren't working as well as normal. While we love patient's visiting us, we thought many people might find some quick trouble shooting tips handy!

1. Check if your hearing aids are working

    Simply cup the hearing aids in your hand, sometimes giving them a soft squeeze and listen for a whistle/screeching sound. If you hear a noise, your hearing aids are working and have power. 

    2. Change the battery/charge your hearing aids 

    If you can't hear a whistle/screech from your hearing aids, it may mean that they don't have enough power. If you have rechargeable hearing aids you should put them on charge (we recommend charging your hearing aids overnight), or if you have battery operated you should change the battery (we recommend changing you hearing aid batteries once a week). 

    3. Change the wax guards:

    This is one of the most common problems we see, most people remember to check their battery but forget that earwax clogging their wax guard will block sound from their hearing aids. We recommend changing your wax guard every time the season changes (every 3 months). However, some people produce more earwax and may need to change their wax guards more frequently/

    4. Clean domes/moulds:

    Sometimes you may get dirt or earwax into funny places, such as vents, in your hearing aids which can distort sound. We recommend using alcohol wipes to clean the dome or mould of your hearing aid. 

    Hearing aids still not working? 

    If your hearing aids are still not working after following these steps, don't worry - we can still help you! Your hearing aids may be damaged, your hearing may have changed, or you may have wax clogging your ear canal. In these situations we would recommend booking in for an appointment by calling on (08) 8272 6621.