Everyone gets the temptation to use cotton buds every once in a while. The thought of getting earwax out of your ears is just tempting. But we’ve said it before and we’re here to say it again…Don’t do it! The cotton buds are dangerous to use because they will push the ear wax deeper into your ear where it will become stuck and become old and hard. Impacted ear wax is the most common cause of hearing loss. So, if you still want to clean your ears what should you do instead?

First you need to know:

Some ear wax is actually good for you. It keeps your ear canal clean and collects dead skin cells, dust, and prevents bacteria from getting in. Generally, the ear wax will fall out on its own as time passes. However, some people have very narrow canals which makes it hard for the ear wax to come out, or they might produce more earwax than the average person, which could result in a wax blockage as well.


You can buy an Ear Clear Ear Wax Spray or Ear drops from any pharmacy. Use these as directed on the package. The ear drops soften the ear wax making it easier for it to fall out, while the ear spray helps remove the ear wax when taking a shower. If you have large amounts of wax stuck in the ear, your hearing might first get worse before it becomes better. This is because the softer ear wax might completely block any sounds from hitting your eardrum. Your ears should be clear after a week of using the drops or spray.

If you’re not a DIY person or are still unsuccessful after using the drops, another option is to get your ears professionally cleaned. You can either go to your GP for this or your audiologist. The GP will syringe out your ear with water and get as much wax out as possible. Not all GPs offer this service so do call and ask before booking an appointment. Here at Hearing SA we are offering microsuction. Consider this a mini vacuum which is carefully used to suck wax out of your ear.


Never put any type of foreign object into your ear including car keys, bobby pins, cotton buds ect. This will push the ear wax further into your ear and make your problem worse or it can damage your ear canal or ear drum!

Never buy ‘ear cleaning’ products online. There are many companies that offer ear spoons or even video ear cleaning otoscopes. The ear spoons are easy to push too deep into your ear, potentially scratching the ear canal or rupturing your eardrum. The video ear cleaning otoscopes have the same risk. The apps used for these otoscopes are often unreliable as well.


Never insert anything yourself into your ear. Your best ear cleaning options are to get your GP or audiologist to clean your ears for you, or to use ear drops from the pharmacy. If you have any questions about this please call us on 0403 690 980.