As technology advances hearing aids are getting smaller, but could they really be invisible?

Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids are very small hearing aids that sit deeper within the ear canal, and are often unnoticeable. The only external part is the small plastic projection which helps you to remove the hearing aid from the ear. IIC hearing aids are a viable choice for many people with hearing loss ranging from mild-severe, as long as your canal is big enough to fit the technology.

All hearing aids have their pros and cons, so here’s what you need to know about IIC hearing aids.


  • Discrete, light and comfortable, hidden away in the canal, and can hardly be seen by others.
  • Can be worn without getting in the way of glasses, hats or headphones.
  • Custom made for you, as they are made to fit your canal they are secure and can suit active lifestyles.


  • Due to the small size IICs can be difficult to handle, especially if you have dexterity issues, and if you think the hearing aids are small, you should see their batteries!
  • They only have 1 microphone, this can make it harder to distinguish speech from background noise in busy environments.
  • IIC don’t have bluetooth connectivity, because of their size they are limited in the technology they can support.

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