Apple users are in luck! Apple has incorporated a range of features suitable for the deaf community, those hard of hearing, those with unique hearing needs, and even just if you need a little bit of amplification in those hard to hear settings!

This post will outline some of the accessibility features available which can give everyone the opportunity to optimise their hearing capabilities.

If you are an iPhone user and already have hearing aids see the previous blog post about Made for iPhone hearing aids (MFi) here:

Live Listen:

With live listen your device can act as a microphone and send sound directly to compatible headphones. This feature enables you to hear better in noisy environments as well as to hear someone from across the room.

Visual Alerts:

If you always find yourself missing phone calls and texts, enabling visual alerts could be the answer! Visual alerts enable the LED flash beside your camera to blink when a notification or call comes through while your device is locked.

FaceTime Video Calls:

iOS users have the ability to communicate with FaceTime. The high quality video as well as the fast frame rate make it ideal for communicating with sign language or even lip reading. Incorporated into the video calls are spatial audio features which create a natural conversation and the ability to filter out background noise and isolate your voice so it is heard more clearly. To further help out in hard to hear situations, live captions can also be turned on whilst on a FaceTime call!

Video Subtitles:

Some video content from the iTunes Store includes alternative audio languages or other accessibility features, such as closed captions (CC) and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).

Headphone Accommodations:

Did you know that it is even possible to adjust your headphones to best suit your hearing needs? iOS devices allow you to customise headphone audio levels, amplify soft sounds, and adjust certain frequencies. You can also use your audiogram data stored in the Health app and allow the headphones to be adjusted accordingly.

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