Widex boasts that their new and improved hearing aids ‘Widex Moment Sheer’ provide the perfection of natural sound allowing you to feel more connected and involved in the world around you. This hearing aid is one of the smallest behind the ear styles available and is suitable for all hearing losses ranging from mild to profound. So today let’s discuss what sets this hearing aid apart from others.

What’s new?

The hearing aid look has been redesigned and provides distinct new microphone openings to make the hearing aid seem sleek and elegant. New ear tips have been added which are acoustically superior to past designs and the AI personalisation has been made more versatile. Furthermore, there are also new Widex SoundRelax tones. The protection class of this hearing aid is IP68 which means the hearing aids can withstand dust, dirt and sand and being submerged in water to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes and will continue to work.


These hearing aids come only in the rechargeable option which is easy to use for people with dexterity issues and is great for the environment! The charger itself has been redesigned to also have a more sleek and elegant look on your nightstand. The charger is slim and lightweight and incorporates LED lights to show you how much charge is in your hearing aids. The aids last for up to 29 hours with no streaming or 16 hours with 8 hours of streaming. It takes 4 hours to completely charge the hearing aids from 0% to 100%, or you can quickly charge them for 30 minutes for 4 hours of usage.

Widex MySound:

These hearing aids come with Widex MySound which is the intuitive AI-assisted personalisation program accessible through the Widex Moment app. This new setting in the app allows you to create programmes that adjust both the equaliser and the compression, giving you the best preferred sound you need! The AI system can guide you through this process of sound adjustment with a series of A vs B comparisons allowing you to tailor the sound to your exact taste. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry! Your audiologist sets up the hearing aids in the clinic to a specific prescription so this personalisation is only needed if you feel like making extra adjustments. Furthermore, the AI system can collate sound preferences from users all over the world and optimise recommendations for you without you having to press any buttons.

Through the Widex Moment App you can also access the puresound program. This program filters sound better than the standard automatic program, making sounds seem more natural to you. 95% of users are satisfied with the program and use it as their preferred setting.

Unlike other apps, the Widex Moment app is now supported by both Android and IOS, so regardless which smartphone you use, our audiologists can teach you how to use the app to have greater control over your aids. If you don’t wish to use an app because technology can seem difficult, our friendly audiologists can also make these hearing aids fully automatic, so your only job is to put them in in the morning and take them out at night!

Widex SoundRelax:

Widex SoundRelax can also be accessed via the Moment App. This setting has been expanded to offer a larger new palette of fractal sounds designed to relax the mind and help you concentrate more. The SoundRelax can even be combined with the PureSound program providing the best sound quality for all hearing losses.

Colour Options:

Widex Moment Sheer comes in a variety of great colours. If discreteness is your main goal, there will definitely be a colour available that matches your hair colour, effectively disguising the hearing aid. If you love a pop of colour, or need something bright so you don’t lose your hearing aids there are also pink, blue, and red available!


As these hearing aids are new to the market, not many reviews are available as of yet. What has been found is that the majority of people who have already tried them give them at least 4 out of 5 stars. Most people comment that the sound quality is much better than their older hearing aids. The reason some people took a star off is because sometimes the bluetooth connectivity has been spotty. This is a common issue for many hearing aid brands and is something manufacturers are still working on. So come on in and try them for yourself!

If you would like to discuss one of our fantastic products please feel free to call us on 0403690980 and book an appointment. Our friendly audiologists would love to have a chat with you!