Intent is the newest platform of technology from the hearing aid company Oticon. Their new technology aims to help not only your ears, but also your brain, to process sound better. They call this approach BrainHearing, it is unique in its design, and cannot be found in hearing aids from other companies.

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New Oticon Intent hearing aids

BrainHearing technology - hear the difference

So what is BrainHearing technology?

Oticon Intent are the first hearing aids in the world to use 4D Sensor technology to recognise your movements and understand your listening intentions. The motion sensors help the hearing aids to detect where you are and what you want to listen to, enabling you to have more clarity in noisy and dynamic environments.

MoreSound Intelligenceā„¢ 3.0

MoreSound Intelligence 3.0 acts like a personal sound engineer, scanning and organizing your surroundings for clear and balanced sound. Enhanced with Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0, it improves speech clarity and reduces noise.

Protecting Your Sonic Sanctuary

Disruptive sounds can turn a pleasant day into a cacophony of chaos. That's where Oticon Intent steps in with features like the SuddenSound Stabilizer and the Wind & Handling Stabilizer. Whether it's a sudden clang or a gust of wind, these features ensure you stay focused on what matters, without missing a beat.

Other features of Oticon Intent hearing aids:

  • 2 new colours and 7 existing colour options to match skin tone, hair colour or your personal style.
  • 20 hours of battery life, and 30 minute charge for an 8 hour battery life top up.
  • Efficient connectivity with compatible devices and Auracast capabilities.
  • Stream with compatible devices directly to your hearing aids with Bluetooth.
  • Double tap feature to answer hands free phone calls.
  • Easy to use app which can be operated from compatible phones or Apple watch for customized listening.

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