Vivante is the newest platform from Unitron designed to send the good sounds of life right to your ears whilst being stylish, comfortable and discreet!

Introducing the new Vivante hearing aids by Unitron, delivering exceptional sound quality across the entire range. These advanced devices effectively amplify the sounds you want to hear while minimizing background noise, enabling you to actively participate in conversations. With their comfortable design, user-friendly features, and a fantastic new charger, Vivante hearing aids provide an excellent hearing experience. Even if you wear just one hearing aid, you'll still have control with the convenient up/down volume control on each ear.

The top-of-the-line models offer a dynamic conversation in the car program, specifically designed to enhance speech comprehension while traveling in a vehicle, regardless of your seating position. The recently updated Remote Plus app allows you to further personalize your experience by boosting speech clarity or enhancing listening comfort, with pre-set programs tailored to your lifestyle.

Unitron Vivante hearing aids are compatible with all phones, including Android and Apple smartphones, allowing seamless streaming capabilities. Additionally, if you require assistance in challenging listening situations such as meetings, conversations in noisy environments, or over long distances, the Unitron Vivante hearing aids can connect to a Roger Device.

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Welcome to the vivante experience