Premium Range, Premium Sound Quality, Let's Talk About the Number 1 Oticon Hearing Aid: Oticon More 1!

One of our most popular premium brands at Hearing SA is the Oticon More 1. So today let's explore why this hearing aid is loved by our clients. The Oticon More 1 combines elegance with an innovative approach to sound processing allowing you to get more out of life.

The Oticon More 1 comes as a small and sleek behind the ear style hearing aid. It comes in eight fantastic colour choices. These include, plain colours to match hair colour for a more subtle, discreet look, stylish options such as silver, chroma beige, and steel grey, and for those who love to make the world shine a little brighter there is even a pink option!

The Oticon More 1 also allows you the power of flexibility with both battery and rechargeable versions available. For the rechargeable version you can even choose a charger to suit your lifestyle: a desk charger or a portable charger. The desk charger is easy to use and pleasing to the eye on your night stand. The portable charger has a built in power bank to charge your aids on the go but can also be connected to a power source like the standard desk charger. The protective lid of the charger keeps the hearing aids safe and even has a built-in drying function to reduce moisture build up. If you are unsure whether to choose battery powered or rechargeable aids please read our blog post “How to choose the right hearing aid for you?" which discusses the pros and cons of each option or ask your audiologist for advice.

The Oticon More 1 can be used with a large variety of different levels of hearing losses. Please note, the degree of hearing loss and other individual factors do greatly affect one's success and overall satisfaction with a particular hearing aid. Your audiologist knows your hearing loss best so always discuss a new hearing aid option with them thoroughly to ensure it’s right for you.

As the Oticon More 1 is one of our top of the range products here at Hearing SA, we can assure you it has many great quality features. Today we will discuss some of the most important ones: BrainHearing, DNN, and a short summary of many more!

BrainHearing is Oticon’s unique approach to hearing. BrainHearing allows access to a 360 degree surround sound field. This means, compared to other hearing aids , the directional microphones and noise reduction systems reduce external sounds less, allowing you to perceive the full sound scene rather than just speech in front of you. This allows the brain to process sound more naturally leading to better speech understanding. Furthermore, Oticon states that the brain needs access to the full perspective of the sound scene to work as it should. Not receiving this can lead to brain problems.

Oticon More 1 also contains a deep neural network (DNN), this is an artificial intelligence system which recognises 12 million sounds and has the ability to continue learning to improve its sound recognition even further. While the DNN learns new sounds it also aligns multiple processing technologies to provide clean and comfortable sound to the listener in any type of listening environment. According to Oticon, usage of the DNN in their hearing aid allows the user to experience 30% more sound and receive a 15% increase in speech understanding compared to their other hearing aids which do not feature DNN.

BrainHearing and DNN combined will already have you in awe of what you can hear. But the Oticon More 1 is not done yet…there’s always more! Have a read of the table below to see a snapshot of the other exciting features this hearing aid provides!

Feedback Shield/Speech Rescue/Other Speech Features

The feedback shield prevents the Oticon More 1 from making that horrible screeching noise many hearing aids make when a sound is too loud or when you brush your hand past your ear, while the speech rescue takes speech sounds you may not be able to hear and pushes them into a sound region where you can hear them! Combined with multiple other speech features, this ensures your hearing aid gives you the highest level of speech understanding possible.

Occlusion Reduction

Have you ever worn a hearing aid and your own voice sounded incredibly boomy or strange? Well that’s caused by occlusion which just means your hearing aid is blocking your ear and sound is vibrating in your ear canal. To most of us that boomy voice is not pleasant. That’s why the Oticon More 1 has occlusion reduction which will prevent this from happening!

Bluetooth Connectivity

Like many modern hearing aids, the Oticon More 1 uses bluetooth to connect to your phone. It is one of the few devices on the market which are compatible with both Android and Apple technology. This allows you to control your hearing aid through your phone, adjusting the volume, changing the programs, or answering phone calls.

Music Program

The Oticon More 1 uses an advanced music program called Oticon MyMusic. This immerses you in live or streamed music and is easy to access using the Oticon ON app.

Noise Reduction

The Oticon More 1 uses technology to analyse sound in your environment and reduce noise or low level environmental sounds that you may not be interested in, to hear speech more clearly.

Listening Programs

The Oticon More 1 comes with multiple listening programs. Each program will change the characteristics of the hearing aid to better suit a specific environment. For example, you may want a restaurant setting which combats background noise and softens sharp sounds such as the clinking of cutlery.

Wind Noise Management

The Oticon More 1 also manages wind noise. If you spend a lot of time outside, this is the feature for you! Don’t let conversation be drowned out by that pesky wind rushing through your microphones, allow the Oticon More 1 to reduce this sound for you.

Tinnitus Sound Support

Tinnitus Sound Support is an optional feature that your audiologist can turn on during your fitting appointment. If you are extremely bothered by your tinnitus, this feature allows you to choose different soothing sounds to mask your tinnitus, allowing you to relax. Did you know that stress often makes tinnitus worse? So finding a relaxation technique is a good thing!


The Oticon More 1 has 64 channels and 24 adjustment bands. Channels are how the hearing aid recognises different sounds, for example traffic noise compared to your friend’s conversation. More channels allow for better speech understanding. Adjustment bands are how the hearing aid treats sound volume. If you have a sloping hearing loss like most people, then some sounds need to be amplified more for you and others less! But don’t worry! Your audiologist is the only one who has to deal with these channels and bands and will use them to fine tune your hearing aid. All you need to do is enjoy the sound quality this advanced hearing aid gives you.

People with hearing loss like you who have trialled the Oticon More 1 say that thanks to the surround sound they can hear people around them with less effort, so they don’t have to turn their head to naturally move between different conversations in a group. They have also found the Oticon More 1 useful in environmental awareness because they can hear birds, oncoming traffic, and people from all directions who are calling for their attention. They have also praised the quality of the different programs and the clarity of sound in different listening environments. In general, Oticon More 1 is preferred by people who are often in noisy settings, people who love listening to music, and people who often need to communicate with others who are wearing a face mask.

We have just gone through so much information! I think we can all agree that the Oticon More 1 is packed with an abundance of advanced features which deliver excellence. The Oticon More 1 truly is the number 1 when it comes to sound processing and clarity. The Oticon More 1 is part of the premium range at Hearing SA costing $7800 per pair for private clients and $6800 for clients on the HSP. Note, that if you only require one hearing aid, instead of two, this price is halved. To discuss if Oticon More 1 is the right choice for you please contact us on 08 8272 6621 or our mobile 0403 690 980.