One of our wonderful patients wrote us a review to assist anyone considering using a TV Connector streaming device:


I noticed hearing loss in the mid 2000’s and was first prescribed hearing aids in 2011. In mid-2019 I purchased new hearing aids that are Bluetooth enabled. I had previously tried using captions on the TV however in some instances the captions lost timeliness etc therefore the sentiment of program/movie was lost.


Over time the comfortable TV volume for my partner and myself was not the same. I required considerably more volume than my partner to hear all of the conversations in movies which resulted in either me missing much of what was said if the volume was too low for me or my partner complaining the volume was far too loud for her.

I used a streaming device for more than three months. The streaming device was easy to connect to the TV and then by use of adhesive backed Velcro attached to the rear of the TV. Once attached to the TV no part of the streaming device or cable projects past the TV frame and is fully hidden.

It takes very little time to get used to using the streaming device however there a few quirks, see FAQ’s.


I feel that people with moderate to severe hearing loss will in most instances gain real benefit from a TV Streaming Device.

The use of the streaming device has resulted in a far more harmonious home with both my partner and myself enjoying TV at the volume we find appropriate.




Is the initial set up difficult?

No, simply plug in the two cables provided and the streaming device is ready.

How do I connect my hearing aids to the streaming device?

Turn TV on whilst wearing Bluetooth enabled hearing aids and you will be automatically connected to your TV sound output via your hearing aids.

How do I control volume?

The volume can be controlled both by your TV volume control and hearing aid volume setting

Can I control the volume I need separately to others watching the tv?

Yes. Let others set the TV volume at their preferred level than adjust your hearing aids to the volume you require

Are there any quirks I should expect when using a streaming device?

1. There is a maximum range to which the device will stream and exceeding that distance when walking around the house will result in hearing aids disconnecting from the streaming device.

2. Should your smart phone be with streaming range to the hearing aids incoming phone calls, emails and TXT messages will be prioritised and the TV streaming device will disconnect

Does the streaming device work if the tv is connected to a surround sound system or sound bar?

The connection and settings of the TV sound output and surround sound system or sound bar will determine the effectiveness of the streaming device. I have the TV sound set up such that the sound can be emitted only from the TV and streamed to hearing aids or through the surround sound system. I find this setup satisfactory. I recommend that unless the purchaser of a new streaming device feel confident in setting up the streaming device where a surround sound system or sound bar is used assistance be sought from a person competent in technology.

Is the streaming device worth the cost?

The advantage provided daily can be significant. Having enjoyed using the streaming device for more than three months the benefit for me has outweighed the cost.