Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and sadness are black emotions that many of us feel when we can’t participate in conversation. That’s where the spark of light in the dark comes in. The Phonak Lumity allows you to grow your relationships with your loved ones and bring light back into your life through superior speech technology.

New features:

The Phonak Audeo Lumity is one of the newest hearing aids on the market, having launched in Australia on the 5th of September 2022. This hearing aid uses Phonak’s SmartSpeech Technology. This technology runs on an automatic system to give you the best speech understanding in every listening environment. The system uses ‘surround sound’ but can identify the main speech source and adjust its microphone mode accordingly. For example, improved speech understanding in noise by using a narrow microphone beam. This means the microphones amplify the sound coming from in front of you more, and dampen all the background noise coming from the sides and behind. If you have an older pair of Phonak hearing aids you may be used to directional microphones already, however, this is the first time that Phonak has updated this technology, so we can expect to see many improvements from a directional perspective in the Lumity aids. Phonak designed this hearing aid to balance audibility, loudness and sound quality, reducing your listening effort and allowing you to free up cognitive resources for other purposes. The smart technology even allows you to hear speech clearly without you having to turn your head towards the speaker. The speech enhancer, dynamic noise cancellation, and motion sensor hearing all work together automatically to give you the closest thing to natural normal hearing. Phonak claims this hearing aid gives you more access to sound than other hearing aids which improves sound clarity and reduces your listening effort allowing you to participate in conversations longer. Many audiologists agree that Phonak hearing aids are the best of the bunch.

The Audeo Lumity comes with the world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker. It can seamlessly combine comfort and hearing performance in challenging situations and has a better sound quality in quiet. The speaker provides an average of 10% better speech understanding in noisy situations and 10% more natural sound in quiet environments compared to conventional acoustic coupling. The Audeo Lumity also runs on the ‘paradise’ platform so if you would like to know more about the benefits of hearing aids on this platform please read our blog post: Phonak Fit which discusses this platform in detail.


The Lumity is also the second generation of the audeo life (the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid). This means the Lumity can be submerged in up to 50cm of salt or freshwater. While we don’t recommend throwing your hearing aids into puddles of water, we still love this feature for people who may be sweating during a workout, relaxing by the pool, or accidentally getting caught in the rain. We love that these people now don’t have to worry about damaging their hearing aids anymore. However, the waterproof feature in this aid is optional, so that everyone gets a choice in what suits them best.


Additional bonuses of the Lumity include universal connectivity. These hearing aids connect via bluetooth to iOS and Android smartphones, TV’s, Roger devices, and other wireless accessories. You can pair your hearing aids to 8 devices at the same time allowing you to stream your music, have hands free phone calls, or enjoy the TV more clearly. Working seamlessly with the bluetooth, you can also enable tap control allowing you to accept and end phone calls by touching your hearing aid instead of your phone and access voice assistant for your smart devices. If you have an older pair of hearing aids you may prefer telecoil over bluetooth. In this case, don’t worry! The telecoil feature can be ordered for these hearing aids as well!

myPhonak App: 

While these hearing aids can do everything automatically, many people download the myPhonak App to control the volume and switch between listening programs. With the Lumity and other new hearing aids of its generation, you can even use the app to monitor your wellbeing including tracking your step count and activity levels. The app can now even be used for telehealth appointments so your clinician can adjust the aids remotely.

Rechargeable option: 

The Lumity only takes 3 hours to charge to a 100% offering 16 hours of usage on a single charge which includes 8hrs of everyday listening, 4hrs of bluetooth streaming, and 4hrs of TV streaming. This is more than enough for even our most active people! Like many other hearing aids you can even get a portable charging case now, allowing you to attend camping trips in the wilderness worry free. The portable charger can give you an extra 3 days of charge without having to be connected to a power source. At Hearing SA we love rechargeable hearing aids because many of our clients with arthritis or other dexterity issues find these easier to use. Not to mention the benefit these aids have on our environment! An average of 800 disposable batteries are saved from landfill when a rechargeable hearing aid is chosen over a battery powered version. If you’re a doting parent or grandparent, rechargeable may be the best option for you too, as this means there are no small batteries for children or your pets to accidentally eat.

Colour options: 

The Phonak Audeo Lumity comes in 8 great colours, so there is an option for everyone. The most popular colour seen here at Hearing SA is ‘Champagne’ because it is one of those colours that blends in the most.

Come in and chat with us!

While the Audeo Lumity has all these exciting extras, it is important to remember its most important feature. This hearing aid was specifically designed for improved speech understanding especially in background noise. At Hearing SA we love that this is the feature Phonak focused the most on because listening in noise is what almost everyone who walks through our doors wants. If you want to discuss this hearing aid with us please call us on 0403 690 980.