Do you struggle to hear and understand speech in challenging listening situations, such as in loud noise and over distance, even when wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants? Sometimes just a hearing aid may not be enough to get you the speech understanding you need. This is where the Phonak Roger On comes in.

Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance. The name Roger was chosen for this assistive listening device because in the radio world this means ‘message received and understood’. And that’s exactly what it helps you to do!

So how does it work?

The Roger On can be used in many different situations. It acts as a microphone, so a speaker’s voice will be directly transmitted to your hearing aids to make listening easier. In group conversations you can place the Roger On on the table to pick up the voices from everyone. You can even control your Roger to ‘zoom in’ on a particular speaker. A presenter in a lecture or large work meeting can even wear the Roger, so that their voice is directly transmitted to your hearing aids. The Roger On can be placed on a table, held in your hand, or clipped to somebody’s shirt. The device automatically detects this and changes its mode accordingly to deliver you the best sound possible.

The Roger On can assist your speech understanding in multiple ways. Firstly, it improves signal to noise ratio. The voice the Roger On picks up is directly transmitted to your hearing aids, making the voice louder than the background noise surrounding you. This makes it much easier to understand. The Roger On also has multibeam technology which is able to determine the direction of the incoming speech signal and automatically hones in on the person talking, to assist you in a conversation. You can even take control of this device and use ‘pointing mode’ to focus on one person talking or in a group conversation when background noise is present. You can even use your Roger On outdoors as this device is water resistant.

The typical operating range of the Roger On is 10 to 20 meters depending on obstacles in the way, as the 2.4GHz technology cannot travel through physical barriers. The 2.4GHz band is globally license-free, allowing you to travel and use the system around the world. The adaptive algorithm also makes Roger immune to electromagnetic interference. This means that for example, the Wi-Fi, solar panels, or pacemakers cannot affect the Roger On. This also means you can take your Roger to the hospital if you are worried about understanding speech there. However, it is recommended that you do not use it in an Intensive Care Unit or Operating Theater. It also should not be used during a flight.

For a sound demo with and without the Roger On please click on the link below and scroll down to the video titled ‘Experience the benefit’. This interactive video allows you to turn a digital Roger on and off in a group setting to experience the difference.

Phonak - Virtual trial of Roger


Overall, if you find that you still struggle to hear in group conversations, meetings, or lectures with your hearing aids, then it might be time to try using a hearing aid accessory such as the Roger On. This will act as a microphone and stream a particular speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids, overcoming the background noise. The Roger On is small and looks similar to a remote control or pen. It currently comes in two colours, which are champagne or graphite gray. Please note that the Phonak Roger On is only compatible with Phonak hearing aids. However, if you have a different brand of hearing aid and would like an assistive listening device, this is possible too. To discuss the Phonak Roger On or other assistive listening devices please give us a call on 0403 690 980 or 08 8271 5876. Our lovely team would be happy to help!