There are many ways to protect your hearing, but Phonak have a solution which doesn’t block
the sound that matters.

What do Serenity Choice do?

  • Cancel noise and loud sound;
  • lets the ear breathe;
  • keeps relevant sound and speech;
  • 4 types of 100% acoustically tested hearing protection. 

What makes Serenity Choice unique? 

This line of high-end, in-the-ear hearing protection devices is designed to reduce the impact of noise-induced hearing loss. The 100% acoustically-tested filters cancel noise and block out loud sound, while keeping ears ventilated for comfort and to reduce moisture. The hearing protection devices are made from TPE, medical-grade, hypoallergenic material, which has some antibacterial properties, unlike silicone. Plus, they can be worn multiple times.

4 different options to suit your lifestyle:

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