Using an app for your hearing aids enables you to get the most out of your devices!

At Hearing SA we have a diverse range of hearing aids to suit everybody’s needs. Here is a rundown of the brands we carry and the compatible apps available in the AppStore on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your android.


Widex Moment

    With Widex Moment hearing aids, you have the option to control your devices solely using the app which is available on iPhone and Android. The app incorporates a range of features allowing you to tune your hearing aids for different listening situations.

    You are able to personalise your sound using the equaliser, sound mixer, personal programs, made for you, and made by you. You can also enjoy some downtime with the Wellbeing and Relaxation Program and the Zen Program.

    The app acts like a remote control for your hearing aids, enabling you to switch between programs, alter the volume for the left and right aid, mute/unmute your aids, and alter directional focus.

    You can also stream audio directly to your hearing aids and use the app as a remote for making adjustments when using your aids with a TV Play device.

    Additionally, you can use the app to monitor your hearing aids. This includes the ability to view detailed battery status, view connection status, put your aids on flight mode, and even has the option for “find my hearing aids


    Oticon ON

    Oticon ON acts like a remote control for your hearing aids, allowing volume control and seamless program changes. You can also locate your missing hearing aid/s and monitor battery health.

    A unique feature is the remote microphone function, which allows a person's speech to be streamed directly to your aids. You can also keep track of your own hearing health with HearingFitness!



      Like Widex and Oticon, you can connect your Phonak hearing aids to the myPhonak app for simplistic use and unique personalisation options.

      As well as volume controls, you have the ability to initiate additional features such as noise cancellation and speech focus. There are also three pre-set listening scenarios which can be selected. These are Restaurant, Watching TV, and Music.

      They have also incorporated a range of health-tracking features allowing you to reach, not only your hearing health goals, but your wellbeing goals too! Depending on the compatibility of your hearing aids, you may be able to track your steps, monitor your heart rate and activity levels, and see which listening environments you use your hearing aids the most.

      The app also provides you with an alternative way to connect and communicate with us at Hearing SA. Features include:

      • Convenient remote video appointments

      • Real-time hearing aid adjustments in any environment

      • Remote hearing tests through AudiogramDirect



        Connect your Starkey hearing aids to Thrive for simple volume control, switching settings, and more. You can monitor your engagement, activity and set daily goals.

        The Healthable features allow for Engagement and Activity tracking. Assistive features like Find My Phone, Translate, Transcribe and Self Check are also available through the app, which lets you check your hearing aid performance without making an appointment.

        You can answer phone calls with the touch of a button and stream conversations directly to your hearing aids. Unique to Starkey is Mask Mode, a hearing feature available which helps make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks!

        Starkey also has different apps available, see their website for more information:


          Unitron Remote Plus

          Remote Plus allows similar features to those already mentioned such as, volume control, changing presets, switching programs, battery percentage, and more advanced options too. Not only can you be in control of your listening experience, the Remote Plus app allows us at Hearing SA to fine-tune your hearing aids remotely so that you are better prepared for certain listening situations.

          Whilst the thought of using an app with your hearing aids may be daunting, we are here to help. Come and see the admin staff at Hearing SA for support in connecting and setting up your hearing aids with the relevant app on your smartphone. Alternatively, give us a call or message on 0403690980.

          More info:

          If you are interested to know more about the apps each manufacturer offers, the links are attached below:

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