When you do your spring clean this year don’t forget about your hearing aids! Sometimes our hearing aids need a little TLC and now is the perfect time to ensure yours are in good shape.

Step 1: Keep your ears clean

To ensure your hearing aids stay clean, try to keep your ear canals clear of wax. This can be done by wiping around the outside of your ear with a tissue or cloth but remember never stick anything in your ears. If you do feel there is wax blocking your canal, please book an appointment for micro-suction wax removal with us.

For more information on our micro-suction ear wax removal services,  see our page: https://hearingsa.com.au/servi...

Step 2: Keep your hearing aids clean

To keep your hearing aids clean we recommend:

  • Wipe them with alcohol wipes once a week,
  • Change the wax guards once a season and,
  • Replace the domes twice a year.

For more information on your type of hearing aids specifically, see our Caring for Your Hearing Aids page on our website here: https://hearingsa.com.au/heari... 

If you need new wax guards or domes, or want to book an appointment for wax removal, come see us in store or contact Hearing SA on (08) 8272 6621.