Flinders University are conducting research into new therapies for tinnitus, and you could join the pilot study!

As our Audiologists Christy and Laura are both graduates from Flinders University, we are always interested in the research they are producing. This is especially true when it concerns tinnitus, one of the most annoying problems many of our patients face. Yet despite being quite common, tinnitus is very tricky to treat. 

However, in exciting news recently published in Flinder's Encounter magazine, Prof. Giriraj Singh (Raj) Shekhawat and Dr. Deepti Domingo are undertaking a new study into the use of non-invasive brain stimulation to reduce the effects of tinnitus. If you suffer from tinnitus, you can even become a part of this groundbreaking research by joining the pilot study. 

For more information and the full article, go to https://blogs.flinders.edu.au/...