So you’ve gone and got your hearing tested and found out you have a hearing loss! This can be a scary time for some people so it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Approximately 1 out of every 10 people has some kind of hearing loss. Hearing aids can help you. But how to choose the correct one?

Today we will discuss the Unitron Moxi Blu range. This range comes in four different technology levels, meaning four different price points to suit every budget. So what is a technology level? This just determines how many extra features your hearing aid has to help you listen in different environments. So let’s see what these features have to offer!

Conversation in Quiet and Conversation in a Crowd:

These two features are the basic features that are available with each level of technology (Blu 3, 5, 7, and 9). The hearing aids amplify sounds in quiet environments so that you can hear your loved ones speak to you at home.

They also have basic noise reduction features to assist you in conversations in a crowd. This is done with the help of a directional microphone. This means that sounds coming from in front of you are amplified much more than sounds from the side and behind. This just means your loved ones do have to face you if you are in a crowd so that you can hear them.

In general, the Blu 3 covers the basic hearing needs. There is a limited ability to adjust automatically to accommodate multiple, complex listening environments.

Quiet and Conversations in a Small Group:

These two features are available for most technology levels (Blu 5, 7, and 9). Sometimes we are home alone and are doing something quiet such as reading. When the hearing aid detects this, it changes its microphone setting to omnidirectional, meaning it is picking up sounds from all around you. This way, if your cat pushes a glass off the table behind you, you will hear it! Or if your loved one comes home, you can hear their keys jingling in the front door. This feature lets you be more aware of what is happening around you.

The conversation in a small group is a little bit more advanced than the directional microphone discussed before. Here the directional microphone is adaptive. This means it changes direction to focus on the main speaker in your group. This makes it much easier to follow the conversation as the speaker does not have to face you for the conversation. Instead they might be standing next to you and you can still easily hear them!

In summary, the Blu 5 gives standard performance and includes a feature to help you know where sounds are coming from in quiet environments.

Music Programs and Conversation in Noise:

These two features are only available in the higher technology levels (Blu 7 and 9). The music program allows the hearing aid to recognise live or recorded music playing and adjusts its acoustics accordingly to give you the most natural sound possible. Many hearing aids make music sound tinny and unenjoyable for people but the Blu 7 and 9 promise that the music will sound crisp and natural.

Conversation in Noise uses adaptive directional microphones and advanced noise reduction. This means your hearing aids can focus on the main speaker and at the same time eliminate the loudest noise source in the room. This is done by analysing the different frequency bands and boosting the ones with speech while reducing the ones with noise. This makes listening so much easier!

In general, the Blu 7 covers advanced performance and helps you focus on speech coming from the front and sides in challenging situations, improved awareness of where sounds come from plus an automatic music program.


The Blu 9 also has an additional noise program that is even more advanced than in the other technology levels. Often, when we have had hearing loss for a long time our brain forgets how loud certain sounds are and we can easily be overwhelmed if there is too much volume too quickly. This noise reduction program prevents things like vacuum cleaners from being too loud so that you can follow your daily chores without having to worry about taking your hearing aids out first.

This means the best of the best, Blu 9, gives you premium performance. It uses the most sophisticated of features allowing you to focus on speech and know where it’s coming from in crowds and background noise. Plus you get to enjoy cues about where sounds come from in quiet as well as the automatic music program.

How to select a technology level:

The audiologist will ask you a lot of questions about your lifestyle, budget, and listening needs/goals. From there, they will make a recommendation on which technology level they think is best for you. Then you can do a free trial of the different technology levels to make your own informed choice on which hearing aid is best for you. Always remember to attend any follow-up appointments once you have chosen your hearing aid. Consider hearing health care similar to physiotherapy. Audiologists have to adjust your hearing aids as your listening needs change and as your brain gets used to the extra sound.

What we at Hearing SA like about Unitron aids:

  • They are easy to use
  • They look stylish
  • They provide excellent sound quality
  • You can choose between batteries and rechargeable
  • They are more affordable than other brands
  • They have a reliable app you can use to control them
  • They can be set up to do remote adjustments in case you can’t make it into the clinic

These hearing aids have so many other fantastic qualities so if you would like to discuss them further please call us on 0403 690 980.