We all have that one family member, friend or colleague who has a hearing loss, but refuses to get a hearing check or wear their hearing aids. Approximately 3.6 million people in Australia (1 in 7) have some level of hearing loss, so why is there still so much stigma around it?

We know that people of all ages can have trouble hearing, yet it is still perceived as something that only happens to older individuals. This stigma is the reason so many people are missing out on important conversations, music, or just catching up with friends at the pub.

Getting a hearing check doesn't make you old. Wearing hearing aids doesn't make you uncool. And being hard of hearing wont change what people think of you.

But hearing aids could allow you to hear:

  • The birds sing,
  • Your kids laugh,
  • And your favourite music.

So don't let hearing aid stigma be the reason you miss out on all the wonderful sounds life has to offer.

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