We’ve all had fights over the remote control. You want the TV up loud to hear clearly but your partner is saying it's uncomfortable and needs to be turned down. So who gets to win? Well with the Widex TV Play…both of you! The Widex TV play allows you to stream TV sound directly into your hearing aids so you can change the volume via your Widex app without affecting the TV volume for everyone else!

We have tried this device at Hearing SA and have great feedback! It is very easy to set up and use with a Smart TV. The sound itself is incredibly clear through the Widex Moment 440s, with the volume being easy to change! You are more than welcome to come and trial this device in our Unley Shop. Or maybe you’ve already bought this device and just need a hand in setting it up. Don’t worry we will discuss the ins and outs of this device today! (Hot tip: If you have teen grandchildren ask them for help, the technology generation will set this up in an instant).

Components of Widex TV Play and how to set it up?

  1. The Widex TV Play: This is the black triangle device. On the back of the device you should be able to see 3 cable ports in a row. The first port has a green line, the middle one a blue line, and the last port has a purple line. These colours will align with your three cables that are in the box!
  2. Out of the 3 cables find the micro USB cable. One end should look like a USB and the other end should be slightly smaller and have a green line. Insert the smaller section with the green marking, into the green port on the TV Play.
  3. The next cable has 2 cylinders on one end. These should be coloured red and white. The other end should be grey with a purple marking on it. Insert the part with the purple marking into the purple port on your Widex TV Play.
  4. The last cable you have left is a blue cable where both ends look the same. Take one end and insert it into the final blue port on the Widex TV Play. This one may take a little fiddling! When the cables first arrived at Hearing SA the blue cable did have small plastic coverings so make sure to remove these before you try to plug in your cable.
  5. Now we only have one final item in the box left. This is your TV mount. On the back of the Widex TV Play you can see small plastic nubs. Slide your TV mount over the top to attach the Widex TV Play onto your mount. The mount can then be slid into the back of your TV to keep the Widex TV Play discreet and secure. Note: This step is not necessary if you don’t want to mount the TV Play on the back of your TV. You can keep it sitting loosely on the TV stand as another option.
  6. Now to the final steps! All that’s left is plugging your TV Play into the TV! All TV ports will generally be on the back of the TV so you do need to safely turn it or get behind it to see the ports.
  7. For the first USB cable we discussed (the one with the green markings), find a USB port on the back of your TV to plug it in. On our Smart TV these were on the right hand side towards the top of the TV.
  8. Now let's do the cable with the purple markings. The end you are plugging into the TV should have a red and a white cylinder to plug in. Find the circular ports on the back of your TV which also have the red and white markings. Plug the red cable into the red marking and the white cable into the white marking.
  9. Lastly we have the blue cable to plug in. This plug may be a little harder to find but should be on the back of your TV towards the centre.
  10. Turn on your Hearing Aids and connect them to your Widex App.
  11. Next turn on the TV. Your hearing aids may announce “TV” into your ears and the Widex App should find the TV streamer and begin streaming into your hearing aids.

What do people have to say about the Widex TV Play?

Here at Hearing SA we do extensive research before advertising a product. When we tried it out ourselves with a pair of Widex Moment 440 rechargeable hearing aids we loved the clear sound quality and how easy it was to connect. We also searched supplier websites for reviews from other customers.

Overall, the average review for this device has 5 stars. People are happy with how easy it is to use, the convenience of not having to fight over the volume with loved ones, and the sound clarity. Here are some reviews found on the web to read for yourself!

An excellent high quality product. I control the TV sound using my smartphone. The sound is beamed via Bluetooth directly to my Widex hearing aids. My wife and I are able to watch TV together for the first time in a very long time.”

“Everything is complete and well packed. Plugged it in and everything worked right away. Very good and logical adjustment option as a mixer between the TV and the environment. Very good range. I'm very satisfied.”

“The TV Play connects great to my Widex Evoke hearing aids. After initial connection, I get a TV program through the Widex Evoke App that lets me select and stream the audio from my television. Through the app, I get to control the volume played through my hearing aids and my wife can control the volume of the TV that’s comfortable for her. Very nice product!

If you would like to order one of these TV streamers or are struggling with the installation please call us on 0403 690 980. Our TV devices cost $395 and our audiologists can do home visits to install your streamer for you for extra charges.