Hearing Aid Prices

The price of hearing aids can vary greatly between different manufactures and hearing aid models, and even between different Audiology clinics.

At Hearing SA, we offer transparent pricing so you can get the right device for your hearing loss and your budget.

Hearing Aid Cost For Pensioners

The first step in working out the price of hearing aids is determining if you are eligible for free or subsidised hearing aid under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. To work out if you are eligible, click the button below to visit our page on the Government Hearing Aid Subsidy:

Hearing aid cost for private patients

If you are not eligible for Government Hearing Services, you are considered to be a private patient and will have to pay full fees for hearing aids and services (unless you have private health insurance).

For our Hearing Aid Pricelist and more information on hearing aid brands, follow the button below:

Choosing the best hearing aid

Choosing the best hearing aid is tricky, that is why we are here! Our trained Audiologists can help you pick the right device for your hearing loss, but it is important that you feel no pressure and remember that your budget is your business. That is why we recommend you consider your budget before your appointment.

Ongoing service

After you are fit with hearing aids, we always do a follow up appointment to make any tweaks or adjustments that you need. For private clients, any appointments within the first three months after your fitting are free. We do this to encourage you to come back and fix any quirks that may come up in your first few months of use, so that you can get the most benefit out of your new aids.

We then recommend at least annual check up appointments, where we clean and make any necessary adjustments to your hearing aids. These yearly appointments are important to make sure your hearing aids are optimally tuned to you hearing loss, as your hearing can gradually change without you noticing. For private clients, these appointments cost $75.

Please note, if you are eligible for the Government Hearing Services Program maintenance and batteries for your hearing aids are covered by a small annual fee.


If you have any questions regarding the prices of hearing aids, or on which device would suit your hearing loss, we would love to hear from you!

Give us a call on: (08) 8272 6621, or email us at: admin@hearingsa.com.au