One of the most recommended hearing aid brands at Hearing SA is the Widex brand because they deliver amazing sound quality. Today let's talk about the cheapest option available. The Widex Magnify 50. If you are eligible for the Hearing Services Program, this hearing aid is completely free for you. So what kind of quality do you get if the hearing aid is free?

Widex classes their Magnify 50 as their essential performance hearing aid. The hearing aid has an automatic sound adaptation program. This means that you can pop your hearing aids into your ears in the morning and be able to hear clearly all day long. We call this ‘set and forget’. The program adjusts the sound quality automatically whether you are in quiet or in noise providing the ultimate listening comfort. The Magnify 50 makes it much easier to have conversations in noise as it doesn’t distort the loud sounds around you, and when you are in quiet, it helps you enjoy the softer sounds of life too.

For those clients who prefer a little bit more control, there is the Widex app that you can use. This app is compatible with both IOS and Android systems. It allows you to switch between listening programs, change the volume, switch the microphone direction, take phone calls, and even stream music or podcasts. If you are extra particular about the sound quality, there is even an equalizer option in this app so you can adjust the sound to your liking. Additionally, this app has a ‘find my hearing aids’ option so that if you ever lose them you can find them easier!

Switching between listening programs is ideal as each program has been designed to give you the optimal assistance in specific environments. For example, there is a music program which makes the sound more clear and helps you appreciate it more or you can switch to a speech in noise program to help you understand speech more. As mentioned, you can even change the microphone directionality in this app. This might be important for you in large gatherings. Maybe the person you want to hear is sitting next to you in the restaurant. So if you move the microphone to pick up sounds towards your side instead of your front, you will find it much easier to listen to this person’s speech. Your phone can also be set up to stream directly to the hearing aids which is useful for phone calls. The voice will be transmitted directly into your aids allowing you to understand the phone call easier without having to strain. If you aren’t the most tech savvy person but still want to control the hearing aids yourself instead of having the automatic program do all the work, our team is more than happy to coach you.

The Widex Magnify 50 is also compatible with assistive listening devices such as a Widex TV streamer, a remote control, and much more! For more information on the Widex TV streamer please see our blog post here: (Widex TV Play).

The Widex Magnify 50 is a small, battery powered, behind the ear hearing aid which comes in 13 exciting colours. From traditional colours such as beige, brown, and black, to discreet colours such as grey, blonde, or white, to popping colours such as pink, red, or turquoise, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

In summary, this hearing aid is the cheapest option available but still delivers you the essential sound quality you need. If you are a private client this aid costs $1600 per pair and if you are eligible for the Hearing Services Program it is free.

How do I know if I am eligible for the HSP?

Please give us a call on 0403 690 980 to check your eligibility with our friendly team. The Eligibility Types include:

  • A Pensioner Concession Card Holder
  • A Department of Veteran’s Affairs White Card Holder issues for specific conditions that include hearing loss
  • A Department of Veteran’s Affairs Gold Card Holder
  • Receiving Sickness Allowance from Centrelink
  • A Dependent of a person in one of the above categories
  • A member of the Australian Defence Force
  • Referred by the Disability Services Program
  • A National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant with hearing needs

If you are part of this criteria, not only will the Widex Magnify 50 be free of charge for you, but all your appointments as well.

Please give us a ring to discuss this further on 0403 690 980 or 08 8271 5876.