Free Hearing Test Adelaide

Going for routine hearing tests and examination is crucial to help detect hearing issues at the early stages. For professional hearing testAdelaide, Hearing SA is the ideal practice to turn too. We are dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate hearing tests to give our patients the best hearing experience. We have an experienced team of specialists who go over the board to provide you with a professional and comprehensive assessment. We are conveniently located all around Adelaide so we are right next to you. Call today to book an appointment for your free hearing test at (08) 8272 6621.

Discover Yourself, Your Hearing, and Your Overall Health

We would like to know about a brief history of your hearing problem, ears, noise-induced lifestyle, and overall health. We do this to understand your hearing troubles and sufficiently determine the potential factors that would have led to your hearing loss. For instance, people with arthritis may require hearing aids with bigger durable batteries or rechargeable batteries as using small batteries may be difficult. Your general health status would help us determine the best hearing options for you.

Free hearing test Adelaide min
Free Hearing Test Adelaide

Find a Hearing SA clinic located near you:

The next step is to book a hearing test in one of our clinics conveniently located across Adelaide:

  • East Adelaide Medical Centre, 50 Hutt St, Adelaide

  • Glenunga Medical Centre, 535 Portrush Rd, Glenunga

  • Stirling Central Health Clinic, 14 Druid Ave, Stirling

  • The Southern Clinic, 1140 South Rd, Clovelly Park

To book an appointment, please call us on (08) 8272 6621.

What to expect from a hearing test?

A hearing test in Adelaide with Hearing SA can involve a free hearing screen* or a full diagnostic assessment.

Free hearing screen:

We offer free hearing screens to all patients over 65 years old and involves a brief hearing test to establish if you need further hearing services. However, it is important to known that any additional services such as a report to your GP or workplace will come at an additional cost.

Full diagnostic assessment:

At Hearing SA we charge $75 for a comprehensive hearing assessment (note that clients under the Government Hearing Services Program* do not need pay this fee). The following services are included:

  • Otoscopy – look in the ears

  • Tympanometry – testing middle ear function

  • Pure tone audiometry – hearing test under headphones

  • Speech discrimination testing – test to determine how clearly you can hear speech with different levels of amplification

  • Letter to GP or workplace if necessary

*See our page on the Government Hearing Services Program to find out if you are eligible:

Hearing test adelaide min
Hearing Test Adelaide
Do I need hearing aids?

At the end of your hearing assessment, your provider will review and explain your results.

At Hearing SA, we will offer you all the options with transparent pricing and support you to make a decision that suits your hearing loss and your budget. Most importantly, we will give you honest advice on whether you would actually benefit from hearing aids. Regardless whether you decide to invest in hearing aids, we will provide ongoing support to ensure your hearing health is the best it can be.

Why Perform Hearing Test with Hearing SA

Hearing SA provides the best hearing tests and procedures for patients across Adelaide. We are professionals who care about your hearing and are dedicated to testing your hearing and providing the best solution to your hearing troubles. Hence don't hesitate, contact us for your hearing tests in Adelaide. A wonderful experience awaits you.

Contact us:

If you have any questions of concerns about you hearing or the hearing test process in Adelaide, please get in contact with us on: (08) 8272 6621