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Phonak Serenity Choice: Hearing protection

There are many ways to protect your hearing, but Phonak have a solution which doesn’t block the sound that matters.

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Steve Lukather from Toto reviews Widex hearing aids!

"I bless the rains down in Africa" ... every time I hear this song from Toto I can't resist joining in the iconic refrain. However, like the guitarist and co-founder of Toto, Steve Lukather, you may struggle to hear these words at all!

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Do you struggle to hear in noisy restaurants?

Our incredible Audiologist Laura has launched her very own web app, the Ambient Menu, to help you find acoustically friendly restaurants!

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Widex moment review

We have had lots of questions about the new Widex Moment hearing aids, so we have made a review video to explain all the exciting features:

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Patient review of a tv connector/streaming device for use with hearing aids

One of our wonderful patients wrote us a review to assist anyone considering using a TV Connector streaming device:

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Tinnitus Management

Do you struggle to cope with annoying tinnitus?

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Meet the Hearing SA team!

We love our friendly staff, and we have made a short video so you can meet them too!

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