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Microsuction Earwax Removal

At Hearing SA we are now offering microsuction to remove impacted ear wax from your ears! Microsuction is one of the safest options to remove earwax quickly. So today let’s talk about what this is and if it’s the right choice for you!

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Hearing Aid Trouble Shooting

Hearing aids not sounding as clear as they should? Hearing aids still not working even when fully charged or with a fresh battery? Here are some quick trouble shooting tips to get your hearing aids working again!

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Audeara Headphones- Innovative Listening Solutions

Audeara are over-the-ear headphones approved by the Australian Government as Assisted Living Devices. Unlike generic headphones, Audeara creates an individualised listening experience by tailoring sound to your unique hearing profile.

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iPhone Accessibility Features Can Help in Difficult Listening Situations

Apple users are in luck! Apple has incorporated a range of features suitable for the deaf community, those hard of hearing, those with unique hearing needs, and even just if you need a little bit of amplification in those hard to hear settings!

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‘Use-it-or-lose-it’ - How hearing aids can prevent cognitive decline and dementia

The aging process can be a frightening time for many people, but there are some strategies which can help and thankfully here at Hearing SA we can provide one! The association between the use of hearing aids and reducing the risk of dementia has been a topic of conversation for decades. New research now provides insight into how hearing aids may help slow the progression of cognitive decline.

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Unitron Moxi Blu - Empowering people

So you’ve gone and got your hearing tested and found out you have a hearing loss! This can be a scary time for some people so it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Approximately 1 out of every 10 people has some kind of hearing loss. Hearing aids can help you. But how to choose the correct one? Today we will discuss the Unitron Moxi Blu range. This range comes in four different technology levels, meaning four different price points to suit every budget. So what is a technology level? This just determines how many extra features your hearing aid has to help you listen in different environments. So let’s see what these features have to offer!

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The Phonak TV Connector

Do you struggle hearing the TV even with your hearing aids in? Well struggle no more! Today we introduce the Phonak TV Connector. This handy little device is compatible with Paradise, Marvel, and Audeo hearing aids. So how does it improve your listening experience?

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New Hearing Aids - Widex Moment Sheer

Widex boasts that their new and improved hearing aids ‘Widex Moment Sheer’ provide the perfection of natural sound allowing you to feel more connected and involved in the world around you. This hearing aid is one of the smallest behind the ear styles available and is suitable for all hearing losses ranging from mild to profound. So today let’s discuss what sets this hearing aid apart from others.

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How to clean your ears - the Do's and the Dont's!

Everyone gets the temptation to use cotton buds every once in a while. The thought of getting earwax out of your ears is just tempting. But we’ve said it before and we’re here to say it again…Don’t do it! The cotton buds are dangerous to use because they will push the ear wax deeper into your ear where it will become stuck and become old and hard. Impacted ear wax is the most common cause of hearing loss. So, if you still want to clean your ears what should you do instead?

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Starkey Muse IQ 1200 - Completely in Canal Hearing Aid!

Have you ever heard of Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aids? These hearing aids are specifically moulded to your unique ear canal and are practically invisible to the casual observer.

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