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Widex TV Play

We’ve all had fights over the remote control. You want the TV up loud to hear clearly but your partner is saying it's uncomfortable and needs to be turned down. So who gets to win? Well with the Widex TV Play…both of you! The Widex TV play allows you to stream TV sound directly into your hearing aids so you can change the volume via your Widex app without affecting the TV volume for everyone else!

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Oticon's best hearing aid - Oticon More 1

Premium Range, Premium Sound Quality, Let's Talk About the Number 1 Oticon Hearing Aid: Oticon More 1!

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Oticon more

Oticon Zircon Hearing Aids

Are you in need of a new pair of hearing aids? Why not consider the Oticon Zircon 1 from our Smart Value range? This range delivers excellent sound quality at a cheaper price.

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Oticon Zircon

The importance of being social

As founder of the Ambient Menu, a Web App that helps people find acoustically friendly restaurants, our Audiologist Laura truly understands the benefits of social interaction to both our mental and even physical well being. Find out exactly how being able to engage with friends and family can impact your health in this post!

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Why does the sound of chewing trigger me?

Our wonderful Audiologist Laura has written an incredible, in-depth discussion about why some people find "normal" sounds like chewing so annoying.

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How to choose the right hearing aid for you?

So you’ve decided to get a hearing aid. But then you see the pamphlets and advertisements and there’s just so many options! Hearing aids can be an expensive purchase for many people so you want to make the best choice! Here’s some advice on how to choose what’s best for you.

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Let's talk about talking for communication partners!

Does your partner often struggle in conversations? Don’t worry, this is normal for someone who is hard of hearing even while wearing a hearing aid. The key to making social interactions more fun is to develop good communication strategies. In this post, we will discuss what you can do as the partner of someone with hearing loss to help them in conversations.

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Let's talk about talking!

We’ve all been in the same situation. Maybe we’re sitting in a noisy restaurant, and our friend is trying to tell us something. A loud clang, or a burst of laughter from another table, and we just keep missing what we want to hear! We can see our friend getting frustrated at having to repeat themselves multiple times, and it’s becoming quite embarrassing to have to ask again… So we just nod along and pretend to understand what’s being said. How does this make us feel? Silly? Lonely? Frustrated? It’s time to make a change.

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iPhone features for Hearing Loss

Want to get more out of you iPhone? Struggle to hear in tricky situations? Hearing Tracker have written an article explaining how you can use your iPhone to support your hearing.

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Tinnitus Research at Flinders University

Flinders University are conducting research into new therapies for tinnitus, and you could join the pilot study!

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