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Widex Magnify

One of the most recommended hearing aid brands at Hearing SA is the Widex brand because they deliver amazing sound quality. Today let's talk about the cheapest option available. The Widex Magnify 50. If you are eligible for the Hearing Services Program, this hearing aid is completely free for you. So what kind of quality do you get if the hearing aid is free?

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Phonak Roger On - Hearing Aid Accessories

Do you struggle to hear and understand speech in challenging listening situations, such as in loud noise and over distance, even when wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants? Sometimes just a hearing aid may not be enough to get you the speech understanding you need. This is where the Phonak Roger On comes in.

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The Phonak Fit - Putting the Active Back in Listening

Say goodbye to your fitbit, apple watch, or other fitness trackers and hello to the Phonak Audeo Fit! If you want to track your health journey but don’t want the hassle of a watch around your wrist, the Phonak Audeo Fit is the hearing aid for you!

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Don’t bother with the apps - Made for iPhone hearing aids use Accessibility Shortcuts

If you’re not a fan of having to use an app to control your hearing aid, keep reading! This may be the article for you! Made for iPhone (MFI) hearing aids can connect to your iPhone through the accessibility shortcuts. This allows you to stream audio, answer phone calls, adjust settings and more…all through a shortcut on your home screen!

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Phonak Life - The World’s First Waterproof Hearing Aid!

Your friends wanted to go on a social walk but you look out the window and it’s raining. You know that your hearing aids may get damaged in the rain so you don’t want to join your friends. This makes you feel sad. Or perhaps today it’s sunny and hot. Everyone is enjoying themselves at the pool, but you feel that you can’t join the conversation without your hearing aids. But if you take your aids to the pool, maybe one of your rambunctious grandchildren will splash you with water and break your aids. Soon you find that even with hearing aids you still end up alone. If you feel nervous about using your hearing aids near the pool or in the rain, then you need the Phonak Audeo Life!

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Phonak life

Hearing Loss and Dementia

The thought of forgetting your loved ones or being confused by normal day to day tasks is scary for many people. No one wants to suffer from dementia. Luckily, a study has recently found that minimising your risk factors can help prevent dementia. So let's talk about what the study found and how we can help you at Hearing SA.

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Widex TV Play

We’ve all had fights over the remote control. You want the TV up loud to hear clearly but your partner is saying it's uncomfortable and needs to be turned down. So who gets to win? Well with the Widex TV Play…both of you! The Widex TV play allows you to stream TV sound directly into your hearing aids so you can change the volume via your Widex app without affecting the TV volume for everyone else!

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Oticon's best hearing aid - Oticon More 1

Premium Range, Premium Sound Quality, Let's Talk About the Number 1 Oticon Hearing Aid: Oticon More 1!

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Oticon more

Oticon Zircon Hearing Aids

Are you in need of a new pair of hearing aids? Why not consider the Oticon Zircon 1 from our Smart Value range? This range delivers excellent sound quality at a cheaper price.

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Oticon Zircon

The importance of being social

As founder of the Ambient Menu, a Web App that helps people find acoustically friendly restaurants, our Audiologist Laura truly understands the benefits of social interaction to both our mental and even physical well being. Find out exactly how being able to engage with friends and family can impact your health in this post!

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